Business Guardian

Business Guardian is an in house designed platform that combines a unique suite of support applications with two key objectives. Firstly, to enhance the overall customer experience, and secondly, to provide excellent technical service delivery. Business Guardians services provide maximum uptime and allowing your IT staff to focus on more important tasks than the day-to-day maintenance of your IT infrastructure

Whenever or wherever you business may have a problem, our team of engineers are available 24/7 to make sure that it’s fixed fast. Our response times are guaranteed, and with Business Guardian you can rest assured that your IT situation will be handled correctly. Our solutions center is strictly US based with a team of experts ready to help answer your questions on a number of platforms and applications.

If your current supplier continues to let you down, don’t have an existing IT service provider or you are looking to save money and still have the confidence that your IT needs will be fulfilled, lets Business Guardian solve those problems for you.

Our Business Guardian package contains the following items to keep the IT side of your business flowing.

IT Department Backup

Let us assist your current IT staff in keeping the flow of business smooth and uninterrupted.

24/7 Help Desk

An around the clock team ready to support and help your business staying running efficiently.

Remote Monitoring

No need for in-house staff, we will provide the tools needed for our support team to monitor your assets off site.

Disaster Recovery/Backup

To ensure that your business can deal with the unforeseen, it is crucial to ensure that key data is being properly managed and secured