Case Studies

Hewlett Packard

Yahoo! began losing the market share within the 13-17 year old audience within their suite of services (web, instant messaging, mail and various tertiary pages within the yahoo brand)

* Needed new branding for this target audience

* Needed new sections of the website to garner attention from this age group

* Wanted to provide video and forms

* Make online page vewing more seamless

* Integrate branding within the Yahoo! suite of services


Four Eleven Solutions LLC provided new designs that allowed Yahoo! to meet their objectives for the 2006, 2007 and 2008 campaign years.

* Created commercial dedicated to the target audience

* Integrated the Yahoo! services suite for different looks with the same branding and style – this allowed for branding of each department and allowed for consistent flow throughout the site which increased site loyalty by 220%

* Implementation of OMG page

* Implemented E-zine, Yahoo! paint, and new IM services

* Scoped market segmentation within North America for various publications and TV stations

NASA needed a trustworthy, professional software development team to help with various shuttle and international space station projects.


Four Eleven Solutions LLC deployed our development team to manage NASA’s internal applications:

* Directly responsible for the development, support, and creation of ISS and shuttle software

* Provided continued support including troubleshooting, testing and maintenance of applications while working with clients to align solutions for project requirements and provide support

* Developed/maintained a portable preflight training simulator for astronauts to use regardless of location

* Maintained multiple internal websites and web applications that provided information from department meetings to shuttle specific calculation

* Revised codes, documentation, and implementation of assigned projects throughout project duration

* Resolved an issue that caused the mission control network to crash due to faulty switch configuration

* Improved existing worst case scenario calculating software to function 15% faster by optimizing the code and algorithms

A division of Schlumberger needed various new product directional drilling animations created, with a fast turnaround for an upcoming tradeshow they were attending.

* Needed four 2 minute animations

* Needed to show an underground visual demo of the directional drilling process and how their new technology was implemented

* Wanted to add to their website


Our animation team created four seamless videos that displayed every aspect of the underground directional drilling process and highlighted each individual product.

* Held various story boarding and client meetings to insure exact portrayal of underground activities

* Created extra flash animations to allow for easy use on the web

* 3-d Modeled various products and drilling equipment from scratch

* Rapid deployment (2 weeks)

Hewlett Packard needed an internal team of consultants to help with domestic and international communications/marketing materials

* Needed to decrease expenses 30% across all business units

* Needed extra man power in creating/delivering various communications material, PowerPoint, web/sharepoint updates

* Needed various market analysis for Asian Pacific and North American regions


Our Marketing team was easily integrated into HP’s existing departments. We maintained their current path of excellence, along with adding extra value to various areas.

* Our consultants reviewed their current expenses and implemented various solutions which decreased 3rd party vendor costs by 60%

* Our Communications department managed various Share Point sites, creating new templates, and sales presentations dedicated to each market

* Our Marketing department analyzed current industry trends and pricing to allow for an accurate forecast within that years Q4 and Q1 time line