IT Department Backup

Let Business Guardian take care of your day to day task so your IT staff can focus on larger items.

With Business Guardian as your IT backup, we take will take complete responsibility for additional IT requirements you may need help on. From managing day-to-day IT services, providing long-term advice regarding IT-related business issues, and keeping your company one step ahead of the competition.

In order to maintain a high quality of service, regularly scheduled checkups will be made to make sure your needs are fulfilled. Our team of experts along with your staff can work together to ensure that the end goal is meet successfully, along with continuous strategically planning for the future. This service provides expert resources which can be called upon as and when required, either to help resolve unforeseen issues or to provide cover for holiday or sickness absence, or to assist and complement your IT department.

We also provide a robust amount of application support. Our support team can help you answer questions on a wide range of software applications, from email client issues to network issues.

Reasons why you might need our IT backup:

  • You have someone with a responsibility for IT, but no support team
  • You have a small team, but you want your IT people to focus on strategy rather than operations
  • You have a great team for everyday issues, but they don’t have the skills to handle more complex work, or the experience to introduce new technologies
  • You want to be able to call on expert advice and help whenever you need it