24/7 Remote Monitoring

Extending the network support beyond the office.

Our Remote Monitoring, will provide an automated monitoring system that highlights the health of your IT systems,and makes sure that all systems are up and running and functioning properly around the clock. If a problem arises our team will review the issues to make sure it isn’t a false hit and assess the situation. Based on the level of impact the appropriate action will be taken, which might include support from your IT staff or us sending someone out to fix the problem.

Proactive Monitoring
Our proactive monitoring service will remotely monitor your assets and try and prevent issues from ever happening. Our proactive monitoring can update, backup, and scan your system without the need for us physically being there. This allows us to scan for issues and fix them before a problem arises. With our proactive monitoring you can feel safe knowing that we are watching after your assets 24/7. If a problem does arise our around the clock team will be there to support you or even fix the problem without the need of interrupting your daily activities.

Desktop and Server Monitoring Let us monitor the health and status of all your desktop and servers. Our team makes sure your servers are running as designed, and your desktops have the latest patches and are running at optimal performance. If any issues arise our technical support team is notified and dispatched to fix the problem without interrupting day to day work.

Vulnerability Scans We will scan your infrastructure and let you know of any possible weaknesses in your system that will need to be fixed..

Additional features:

  • Email Alerts
  • Text Alerts
  • Receive phone call on fail during office hours
  • Online access to real-time reports